Inkling – For the love of childhood.

The delight you feel as you witness their awe and admiration of something you’ve long taken for granted; a handful of trees that becomes an enchanted forest harbouring mystical creatures, a swing that turns them into one of the birds flying overhead, a playground that becomes their ship, defended against enemies at all costs.

The feeling of joy you have when you watch your tiny kiddo accomplish a new task or acquire a new skill.

The knowledge you have on the longest of days with your toddler that one day you’ll long for the days they begged to be carried everywhere.


Inkling, for the love of childhood.

Our mindfully designed, ethically created goods are intended to make the most of those fleeting days that pass in the blink of an eye. One day you are holding a newborn and the next you are leaving your tiny kiddo on their first day at school.

It happens that fast.

Trust me, I know, I’ve been there.


Inkling clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton in ethical working conditions.

Stylish comfort is our focus. There’s no scratchy tags, tight elastics or itchy fabrics – only the softest organic cotton for the ultimate comfort, leaving them free to actively explore their world in style.

We believe kids should be kids, not mini adults.

We design our clothes to be as fuss free as possible to help foster independence in tiny kiddos.

Our clothes can be mixed and matched with the best of brands and any wardrobe.


Our Messy Bags are not just for mums (they can be used by anyone and for anything), but they were certainly designed with mums of babes and toddlers in mind. Something that is beautiful, fun, bright, happy, joyful to look at and use; something that is practical and makes the inevitable kid mess easier to deal with. A little thing that makes life more tolerable on those long exhausting days.


Are you looking for The Smallest Tribe? Well, it’s still us, we’ve just changed our name. You can read more about that HERE.



Former primary school teacher and mother of two.

Obsessed with early childhood and how children learn.

Motivated by the magic, joy and innocence of childhood.


Can usually be found looking over her shoulder trying to work out who is in charge around here.

Continually shocked to realise it’s her.


She’s the head Inkling, the boss of all the things.

She’s the painter of the canvases, the maker of the bags. You could probably call her the Creative Director.

Rather than titles, it’s best to leave it at everything you see here at Inkling is a result of her never ending quest to help you make the most of your kiddo’s childhood.



Grace is Inkling’s incredibly talented art designer. She is the drawer of the lines and illustrator of squiggles, colourer of shapes and a yardage wizard. (The Summer 16 artwork? Yeah, that was her!)

You could call her Kathryn’s interpreter. She takes the ideas for surface art that come out of Kathryn’s head and makes them a reality.

Put simply, Kathryn says, “I want it to look like this, please and thank you”, and Grace makes that happen.

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Comfy clothes for tiny kiddos.


Orginal, one of a kind Messy Bags for the grown ups who wrangle them.