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20 things has been making the rounds on Instagram and I thought it took me so long to think about 20 things and I didn’t want all that thinking to go to waste was a great way to share a bit more about me and The Smallest Tribe.

  1. I taught primary school for 10 years, mostly in the junior school.  I loved teaching kids how to read and miss being in the classroom like crazy, but I’m so thankful that I get to do what I do each day and that I get to be around for my kiddos.
  2. I lived and taught in a remote Indigenous community for 2 years.  It was both the hardest and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.
  3. I believe in letting kids be kids and that we should let them be little for as long as possible.  After all, the have a good 80 years to be an adult and only 10 or so to be a kid who believes in magic.
  4. Pink for girls and blue for boys makes ZERO sense to me.  Pink is a colour, blue is a colour, colours are for everyone!
  5. I never meant to start a business.
  6. I taught myself to sew, learned how to make patterns and learned how to screen print.  When our first child was born, I realised just how awful kids clothes were – had never paid any attention before then! They were restrictive – no newborn needs denim cargo shorts. Not one of them! They were often not age appropriate and I didn’t understand why boy clothes only came with skulls and crossbones, dinosaurs or trucks in colours that were uninspiring and garish.  So I taught myself to sew.  Then discovered that I really didn’t like the patterns that were available to sew with.  They weren’t modern or age appropriate and didn’t allow for all the things I knew to be important in those vital early years – freedom of movement, comfort, developmentally appropriate.  So I learned how to make patterns.  Only to discover that now I could sew the clothes I wanted in styles that were both cute and functional, but the fabrics I had to choose from were woeful.  So I learned how to screen print.  What started as a desperate wish to dress my growing son in cute, modern, age appropriate clothes led to The Smallest Tribe.
  7. Not long after we met, my husband and I travelled Australia for 14 months in a then 24 year old caravan called Bertha.  She leaked like crazy and every time we stopped, he’d have to get up on the roof with a gun of sikaflex and fill up all the holes so we didn’t get wet when it rained.  We were busted arse broke and I can tell you about 27 ways to cook a meal with a can of Four Bean Mix.
  8. I will never eat Four Bean Mix ever again.
  9. I’m addicted to Two Dots.  Am pretty sure it’s going to ruin my life.
  10. I didn’t change my name when we got married and rarely wear my wedding ring and it bugs the hell out of me when people ask, “Well why did you get married then?”.  Believe the answer to that is fairly self evident.
  11. I accidentally and unintentionally turned into a runner.  Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous this is.
  12. I promise I’ll never post a photo of my Garmin with my pace, distance, calories burned.  (I don’t even own one!  So perhaps I’m not really a runner…?!  If a runner runs without their Garmin, are they really a runner..??!)
  13. I swear like a sailor.  My dad is still hopeful I’ll grow out of it.
  14. I’m really messy.  My mum is still hopeful I’ll grow out of it.
  15. Kindness is free and it doesn’t hurt!
  16. I’m headed to Sydney in May for Finders Keepers and have just realised I don’t own a jumper.  My Bonds Sloppy Joe from 5 seasons ago will be ok, won’t it?
  17. I’m currently thinking about Two Dots and wondering how much longer this will take me…
  18. I am terrible at time management.  I overestimate how much I can achieve in one day – note to self, it’s about a 10th of what you attempt – and as a consequence, I have epic and ever growing to do lists that taunt me in my sleep.
  19. Cliche, but I’m scared of heights and the dark. Well, more of falling when the thing that is holding me breaks or collapses, and of the the things hiding in the dark.
  20. I used to love watching horror movies but then I saw Wolf Creek…  Well, I saw the first half hour, locked myself in the office and blasted Michael Buble while my husband finished watching it.  I’m not even kidding.  I needed something that was about the exact opposite of John Jarrat butchering backpackers.  I mean, this fella used to be on TV having cups of tea with Big Ted on Playschool when I was a kid!  Talk about traumatising.
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