What the eff is wrong with people?

I’m reposting this from my Instagram because I think the topic it addresses is too important to let it fall the the bottom of a social media feed. x


This was a comment left on my previous post last night.  I’ve deleted the comment, not because I was embarrassed or upset by it, but because I want to address the sentiment and didn’t want a stream of people searching to see who said it.  It’s not about that one person, it’s about the collective belief that clothing should be cheap.

If I was pricing the jumper to be a permanent piece in the range, it’d be closer to $129, but because it’s a fun one off, I went with a lower price point.
The cotton used is organic cotton because I believe that the cotton farmers of the world – the vast majority being in India and China and who still pick the cotton by hand – deserve to work in safe, fair conditions.  I believe they deserve to go home to their kids CLEAN, not covered in toxic pesticides and chemicals.

They are hand printed here in my studio using water based, non toxic, eco friendly inks because I believe in using only what you need and not harming the environment to get it.  Traditional fashion manufacturing is one of the largest pollutants in the world and creates a a tremendous amount of waste.

All of the pieces for The Smallest Tribe are Australian made, whether that be by me or the factory down south.  The prices reflect that.  You are paying for garments that are made in ethical, safe, clean working conditions.  You are not paying for slave labour or CHILD labour.  Your child is not wearing clothes made by a child in another country.  The people who make the clothes for The Smallest Tribe are not working in buildings that will collapse or behind locked bars and doors with no escape when fire breaks out.

Like I said yesterday, people before profit.  I’m not doing what I do to be rich, I’m doing it because I want to help create lasting change.  I am so grateful for you guys, without you I couldn’t do any of it.

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Sydney Finders Keepers – A roundup!

Meeting lovely customers, their adorable little adventurers, the food, a trip to Sydney, all the amazing things from incredible makers… I’m not sure which is my favourite part of Finders Keepers.

Like really!  It’s all so amazing, so here’s just a few…

Homely Cushions Knitted Cloud Cushion

Homely Creatures Cloud cushion

Into the Fold’s Beardy McBearderson

Into the fold beard cushion

Ena and Albert’s Little Classics

Fictional Objects’ Navy Flek and Pink Weave Doona Cover

Pink weave navy flek fictional objects

Skulk of Foxes’ Petite Cloud Ring

Tiny cloud ring by Skulk of Foxes

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