Meet the Adventure Tee

Our chalky blue adventure tee has been one of the most popular of the Summer 16/17 collection.

When designing each collection we are always thinking about how your little ones grow and develop. We want your tiny kiddos feel comfy in their clothes so they can spend their days playing and exploring. It’s also important to us that we tread lightly and minimise waste. We want our clothes made by workers who are paid a living wage (not to be confused with a minimum wage!). and who’s rights and quality of life are respected and valued.

So while you might see an adventure tee, let me show you what I see:


Why? I have yet to meet a tiny kiddo who says, “Yeah, you can leave that long, scratchy, highly annoying sewn-right-at-the-bag-of-my-neck-where-I-can’t-reach-it tag where it is, I’m really digging it.” I want your tiny person to be thinking about nothing but how many blocks they can stack on the tower. We want them working out how to get that teddy to do what they want or how to get up that ladder onto the playground. I don’t want them worrying about what is attacking their neck or back!


Not all organic cotton is created equal. The GOTS certification is a process that ensures every worker involved in the manufacturing of a garment, from the time the seed is planted in the ground to the adventure tee being finished, is paid a living wage and their rights to work in a safe environment with reasonable conditions are protected. A living wage is different to a minimum wage. A minimum wage is the lowest amount governments stipulate workers must be paid and rarely, if ever, does it cover living expenses.


Yes! Right here! The fabric is milled in Melbourne before being sent to Sydney for printing, after which it continues its journey to Brisbane for manufacturing in an Ethical Clothing Australia certified factory. It is important to me that The Smallest Tribe grows in a sustainable manner and by managing production here in Australia we have been able to find partners who will work with us to create small runs in facilities we can visit and workers we can meet.


You’re kiddo’s comfort is always top of mind when designing and we ask ourselves, “are they going to be able to run in this? Jump? Skip? Climb? Hang upside down? Slide?” We’ve made our tees a relaxed, roomy fit so they’re not restricted in their play, and the GOTS certified organic cotton in the adventure tee keeps your little love cool while they play.


There’s two reasons for ensuring our designs, colours and styles are unisex. The first is because we think our clothes are for kids, not just boys, not just girls, and we think all kids are created equal. Boys can like pink, look after their dolls, enjoy cooking and displaying empathy and emotional responses to situations. Girls can choose shorts over skirts, climb trees, dig in the sandpit with their truck and kick a ball around the back yard. They have their whole lives to worry about gender and having to deal with the pressure from society and their peers to “fit in”, we want our clothes to just let them be little, let them be kids. Just let them be.

The second reason we love unisex so much is for its sustainability. Unisex clothing makes it much easier to pass down to siblings, cousins or friends.

You can find the chalk blue and charcoal ADVENTURE tees, along with the rest of the Summer collection, HERE.

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