New Messy Bags!

Moulded Plastic Zippers are being added to Messy Bag line up!

The Messy Bags have always featured heavy duty, super luxe, YKK metal zippers. They last, they’re sturdy, they’re way fancy pants. But late last year, a long story involving missing zippers, car rides from Sydney to Melbourne, many phone calls and YKK not having the zippers I needed, led to experimenting with moulded plastic zippers intended for swimwear.

Berry Well Then Messy Bag
Sweet baby cheeses. It was love at first sight! They’re clicky (seriously, the sound they make is so satisfying!), they’re smooth, they can be opened and closed one handed and, it turns out, they’re just as sturdy and reliable as the metal ones.

Berry Well Then Messy Bag
After abusing the life out of a Messy Bag featuring the moulded plastic zipper for the last 4 months, it’s official; the moulded zippers are here to stay.

The first release of Messy Bags for 2017, Berry Well Then features the new zippers. Still a fan of the metal zippers? Never fear, they’re not going anywhere. Most collections will still feature the gold or silver heavy duty metal zippers.

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Comfy Clothes for kids!

The Comfiest Clothes Your Kiddo will wear.

How your little love spends their day is always top of mind when designing each collection. We think about what they eat, how they eat, where they eat, how they play, how they rest, where they go, who they see, how they learn, the developmental milestones they strive to reach…. the list is endless.

We take all of their needs into consideration at each step of the design process. We think about how the clothes will feel to wear, what colours they should be, what weight the fabric needs to be, how much or how little stretch it needs. At The Smallest Tribe, function is considered just as important as form. Being a cute shirt or pants isn’t enough to make the cut around here.

Let me share a few of my favourite design elements with you.

Our clothes have no sewn in tags. All size and care labels are silk screened directly onto each garment. Scratchy tags and labels are the enemy of tiny kiddos everywhere!

Comfy clothes for kids

We source the softest GOTS certified organic cotton we can find so your little one can spend their day in comfortable, breathable cotton.

We select the softest elastic we can find to be gentle on tiny tummies.

Our tees are cut just a touch wider and longer than necessary. We want them to feel comfortable on and to make sure you get the most wear out of them possible.

Our shorts are designed with a shorter leg length so little knees don’t get trapped while climbing at the playground, digging in the sandpit or kicking a favourite ball.

We like busy patterns that reflect a toddler’s frenetic energy and their spirited joy.

Our clothes are all designed to be easy to put on and foster their growing independence.

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