The Smallest Tribe

The Smallest Tribe started by accident. When I taught myself how to sew and then how to make patterns so I could make comfy, age and developmentally appropriate clothes for my tiny kiddo, I never imagined I’d end up here. No longer a teacher but somehow the owner of a kids clothing brand. I have no training for any of this. I have never even worked in retail!

But over the years, armed with optimism, persistence and blind faith that it would all work out, I’ve taught myself how to sew, how to make patterns, learned how to screen print, worked out how to manage production with factories here in Australia, and now also offshore. I learned what COGS, P & Ls, GST, BAS, MOQ and RFD mean. I’ve faked it till I made it almost always. I’ve Googled the SH!T out things. I’ve had phone calls with manufacturers and suppliers and pretended I had trouble hearing them and asked them to repeat themselves so I could buy myself 5 seconds to google what they just said.

When I decided on the name The Smallest Tribe, it fit and made sense. It was for the small kiddos and their grown ups who realised there was more to clothes than just the price tag.

But for a while now, the name that had served so well initially, started to feel limiting. There were things I wanted to do with The Smallest Tribe that I found challenging because they didn’t feel like things that fit with the name.

Yes, The Smallest Tribe is a brand for tiny kiddos, but I’ve always seen it as more than that; it’s a brand for families. It was never just about clothes for me, I want to help you enjoy you tiny person’s childhood, give you more time with them, making things easier for you and them.

The clothes are easy to wear, easy to put on and take off, easy to care for. They’re designed so that your kiddo can begin dressing themselves independently as soon as possible. When designing tees, shorts, pants, dresses or skirts, I think about how your kiddo will wear them and what they’ll do in their day.

“Can they run, jump and climb in this?”

“Will they be able to get these off by themselves when they’re toilet training?”

“Are their legs going to be free to move when they climb on the playground?”

The Messy Bags, while not just for mums (they can be used by anyone and for anything), they were certainly designed with mums of babes and toddlers in mind. If having a Messy Bag with a wet washer in your bag means it’s easier to say yes to that impromptu ice cream at the beach this Summer, then it’s served it’s purpose. If always having a spare set of clothes in one on hand, either in your bag or in your glove box, means you can turn a blind eye to the muddy hill your toddler is intent on climbing, I’ll consider that a job done. Kiddos are wired to explore and investigate. They need to get grubby and use their whole bodies to do that. My wish is every mum had a Messy Bag or two to make your day that little bit easier to manage while your kiddo does what they do best – get grubby and messy. 

But there is more I want to do to truly make this brand one that serves its purpose. Your tiny kiddo’s childhood is such a short, fleeting time, I want to do as much as I possibly can to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy and for your kiddo to flourish.

And so it’s time to say goodbye to The Smallest Tribe. This July, The Smallest Tribe will be getting a new name.


The essence, core, ethics and beliefs of this tiny brand, my third baby, isn’t changing one little bit. Our new name will let me do all the things I’ve been dreaming about, the things that didn’t quite fit or make sense when they came from a brand called The Smallest Tribe.



To celebrate everything The Smallest Tribe, we’re having a Farewell Sale starting THIS SUNDAY.

All clothes will be between $5 – $20.

Mystery Messy Bags will be $20 for small and $40 for large. They have never been on sale before and they never will be again. What are Mystery Messy Bags? They’re the bags that missed photo day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they’ve simply never been listed for sale and are mostly the last of their collection.

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Grown Up Jumpers – A size chart


Want to get your hands on a The Smallest Tribe jumper for Grown Ups this Thursday? I have a feeling they may go pretty quickly, so I want to make sure you’ve got all the info you need ahead of time to be able to order one.

Below is a size chart. It’s the actual measurements of the jumper. To make sure you order a size that best fits, grab your current fav jumper and measure it from armpit to armpit (that’s the chest measurement below) and from the top of the neck to the bottom of the hem. Use those measurements to choose the best fit. It’s important you do this now so you don’t risk missing out on Thursday night because you don’t know what size to order. 

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