What is GOTS certified organic cotton?

GOTS certified organic cotton is cotton that has been produced ethically and in an environmentally sound manner.
The certification protects the rights of the farmers who grow the cotton. Most of the world’s supply of cotton comes from regions where workers’ rights are rarely a priority. The process also protects the workers who mill, process and manufacture the cotton. They are free from indentured working conditions, entitled to collective bargaining, reasonable working hours and safe working conditions.
Fabrics certified as GOTS certified organic cotton are free of harmful chemicals and have been produced under a stringent set of guidelines designed to minimise waste.

Why does Inkling use GOTS certified organic cotton?

When you purchase from Inkling you can be assured you’re dressing your tiny love in clothes free from harmful chemicals, toxins and dyes. You also know they have been made by people who work in safe conditions and are paid fairly in exchange. 

There have always been two main ideas at the heart of Inkling:

First, make comfy clothes for tiny kiddos so they can explore and play.

Second, do it in a way that is respectful to the workers in the supply chain and isn’t harmful to the environment.

Here at Inkling we believe using GOTS certified organic cotton does just that. Soft, breathable cotton for your little love to spend their days in, and a certified process that protects workers’ rights.

To learn more about GOTS certified organic cotton, you can read the full set of standards HERE.

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