Alone But Not Lonely

Welcome to Monday Mornings. Each week there’s a new featured canvas to meet and learn more about. Check out the original artwork, the Messy Bags that came from it and get a little insight into its personality via the Listening, Watching, Scrolling section. 


This week’s featured canvas is Alone But Not Lonely. It was painted in April 2020, just as the world was imploding and everything was scary and unknown. (It’s now almost September and lol everything is still scary and unknown and I guess we’re all learning to live with realising just how little we know about what the future will hold.)

This canvas was painted specifically to be turned into wall hangings. I wanted them to be small in size but not in personality. I’d been painting canvases with larger and chunkier details in the months leading up to this one and it was a challenge to try and scale the detail back down again. It took almost 2 weeks to finish as we were in the early days of school at home and then Easter holidays with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Trying to keep mid sized humans feeling safe and sane as a global pandemic upended their lives meant not a whole lot of studio time was available so this one happened in spurts. I almost always have no idea where each canvas is going to go beyond the colours I’m going to use. This one was different and I had a very clear idea of what I wanted it to be before I even picked up the brushes. There’s pathways connecting small groups, groups isolating alone but together, some with boundaries, some without. It’s bright and happy, contrasting and clashing.


The wall hangings have been and gone but there are still Messy Bags of this canvas still available.

WATCHING: Schitt’s Creek. Funny, delightful and easy, exactly the kind of TV you need during a pandemic. Or any time when life is Just Too Much.

LISTENING TO: The Dating Game Killer. I don’t know why listening to terrible stories about terrible crimes is a thing I do a lot. But it is and will continue to be.

SCROLLING: Ladies Who Paint. Murals, walls, pools, basketball courts, painted by the ladies. It’s wonderful. This DREAM is by Alex Proba.


See ya next week.