The Rains

Welcome to Monday Mornings. Each week there’s a new featured canvas to meet and learn more about. Check out the original artwork, the Messy Bags that came from it and get a little insight into its personality via the Listening, Watching, Scrolling section. 

This week let me introduce you to The Rains. It was painted early February, 2020 on a gloomy, overcast day. In Far North Queensland summer means the wet season. The clouds get big and fat and heavy and the rain falls from them for hours, days, even weeks on end.

I chose to start this new series with this canvas as I think it’s easily over looked. I LOVE this canvas! It’s fun and bright and cheerful. It’s the opposite of what inspired its creation and I get a kick out of its deliberate contrariness. This was maybe one of the quickest canvases I’ve finished this year. I love its heavy and fast brush strokes, naive, childlike shapes and the colourful bubbles floating among the large rain clouds. The detail on this canvas was quite large, intentionally, so each bag only has a small piece of the cloud and rain storm on it. Cutting a canvas up and seeing where all the shapes end up and how they transform and turn into something altogether different is my favourite part of the process.


WATCHING: Bloodline. Slow burn, cinematography that feels like it lingers a beat too long, my favourite kind of show.

LISTENING TO:  American Scandal, Season 10, the Enron Scandal. I don’t know what I thought Enron was but it was by listening to American Scandal Season 4 about the Exxon Valdez that I realised I always mixed them up. Enron = a fraudulent energy company, Exxon = the oil tanker. Both sound like terribly dull subject matter but Lindsay Graham, the host, could read me the phone book and I’d be hooked.

SCROLLING: Violet Tinder If you like colour, like, A LOT, the 80s, food and fancy drinks, this one is for you.

See ya next week!

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Changing it up a little

I started making and producing clothes because I wanted to dress my tiny kiddos in stylish but not trend driven, comfy, ethically produced clothes. Ones that could be passed down from my son to my daughter because kids tend to grow out of them faster than they can wear them out. I wanted maximum use of the clothes out of respect to the makers who made them and to tread as lightly on the earth as possible.

It’s been a wild ride, from making handfuls of pairs of shorts at a time to manufacturing collections in India and China. Reaching this point was what I thought I wanted. But sometime late last year, right as I achieved the goal I’d set for myself, things started to feel not right. I was putting the final touches on the winter range to send it off to production, even though the Summer 17 stock had only just arrived. I pushed aside the niggling feelings of doubt I was having, dismissing them as growing pains.

organic cotton kids clothes

But those niggling feelings that started as tiny whispers are now booming drums that I can’t ignore. I don’t feel good about what I am doing. I don’t like the churn of constantly having to bring out new stock and collections for the sake of bringing out new stock and collections. I don’t like that things that are only a few months old are considered ‘old’ stock.

Most of all I don’t like the feeling that I’m turning Inkling into what I never wanted it to be – fast fashion. Clothes that are only expected to be fresh for a few months at best before being discounted to clear the way for even more stock.

So I’m going back to what feels good.

For the foreseeable future, maybe ever, there will be no more seasonal collections from Inkling.

That’s not to say there won’t be clothes from Inkling. There will, but it’ll be done in a way that feels good and let’s me stay true to what is important to me. They will no longer be collections that are filled out with pieces that I like, but don’t love, just for the sake of having a collection. 

You’ll probably have noticed that the Messy Bags have been playing a much bigger role over the last year or so too. Ethical production has always been a constant and so has treading lightly on the earth. They’re a reusable, environmentally responsible solution to dealing with all kinds of messes. A happy, bright, one of a kind solution at that.

Inkling is no longer just for kids, it’s for everyone. Inkling’s heart is right where it’s always been, making useful, practical, beautiful things that bring joy, and have purpose and longevity.

I’m so excited to share with you the very first step in Inkling’s kinda-the-same-but-slightly-different path: Grown Up JUMPERS!

They’ll be available from 7pm next Tuesday, 3rd of July.

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Brisbane Finders Keepers AW 18

Come say hi!

You can find Inkling at A10 (near the bar & coffee, just sayin’).

I’m bringing tonnes of new Messy Bags and you’ll be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Collection too (and maybe something for the grown ups to wear too…!)

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Tassel Key Rings

The Tassel Key Rings were born out of a need to use every tiny scrap and offcut of canvas I can. After the Messy Bags are cut, there’s always a tiny piece of the canvas left over. Even though I had no idea initially what to do with them, I’ve saved every little piece that’s ever been painted but not used.

Their magic is in the mixing and matching of canvases that were painted days, weeks, months and sometimes even years apart. They are all one of a kind and as unique as the person using them.

As they are made completely of offcuts and left overs, the releases of them are sporadic and only a few times a year. It takes time to accumulate enough canvas with enough variety to make a new batch.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the next release, you can sign up HERE for email notifications.

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Too Much

No such thing as too much colour, and these ones are all bright, bold and shouting for your attention. You’re never going to lose them in a crowd, they won’t let you.



My Favorite Murder. I know. I’m way too much into true crime. WAY too much.


GLOW. The colours explain that, yeah?


They’re both members of my Girl Squad. They don’t know it, but they are.

Sierra Prescott

Billy | Candice Pool

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