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For the love of childhood.

The delight you feel as you witness their awe and admiration of something you’ve long taken for granted; a handful of trees that becomes an enchanted forest harbouring mystical creatures, a swing that turns them into one of the birds flying overhead, a playground that becomes their ship, defended against enemies at all costs.

The feeling of joy you have when you watch your tiny kiddo accomplish a new task or acquire a new skill.

The knowledge you have on the longest of days with your toddler that one day you’ll long for the days they begged to be carried everywhere.


The Smallest Tribe started by accident. I had no plan, no business experience, no background in retail, fashion or design. All I had was an overwhelming belief that childhood was magical. That, and an incredible frustration at the ‘fashion’ that was available for my tiny kiddo. No baby needs denim cargo shorts with 11 pockets.

Fast forward a few years, armed with optimism, persistence and blind faith that it would all work out, now we’re here, about to launch into the next chapter.

A lot has changed since The Smallest Tribe started.

Once, I drew the patterns, designed the artwork, printed the fabric, cut out the pieces and sewed the garments. Now, there’s a whole crew of people who work on producing each collection.

A lot has changed, yes, but somethings will never change. Inkling will always be manufactured fairly, ethically and transparently. Your kiddo’s comfort will always be front and centre in everything we do. A comfy kid, one who is free to move, climb, run, jump, skip and play, always has been, and always will be our goal.

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Hello Spring, Hello The Smallest Tribe!

Gosh, I have so much to tell you! I don’t even know where to start…

I have been working on new things.  Along the way I realised I really wanted something new, just for the clothes.  I’ve been working on this since May.  MAY!

Today, The Smallest Tribe arrives. The Smallest Tribe is about so many things. It’s about how the smallest of seeds, ideas or actions can change into the most incredible things. It’s about choosing positivity, acceptance, gratitude, mindful living. It’s about the smallest of choices we make each day growing into habits that grow into meaningful change. I think we are all so SUPER lucky to be living the lives we live in the places we live and I know we have the power to share that fortune with others who aren’t so lucky, ALL while making our own lives better.

My offering towards meaningful and lasting change is through my clothing for kiddos that is all mindfully designed and carefully handmade. My almost 15 year career in education has left me with one very strong belief: Kids learn best through play, exploration and the freedom to develop an inquiring mind. All of my clothing is designed to allow kids the freedom to move, run, jump, climb, skip, play and get the most out of their day without being hindered by uncomfortable and restrictive clothing. It is designed to be long lasting and durable, saving you money AND limiting the amount of STUFF that will end up in landfill.

Which brings me to the 2012 Spring collection. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would have seen the first version of the Retro Shorties appear sometime back in March or April. After a few false starts, I finally got the pattern just right and they are (finally!!) available! Somehow, I’m not quite sure the events that made it so, you’ll notice that it is almost exclusively grey! Grey elephants, grey whales, grey birdie spokes, grey meadow friends…. a BUCKET load of grey. And grey and Spring makes about as much sense as eating pumpkin soup with chop sticks… Thing is, I really, REALLY, love grey. I love how it matches EVERYTHING. I love how it hides kid muck. I love how it’s a little bit crisp and crunchy, which actually, is JUST like Spring.
You can check out the full Spring line here. Despite working like a crazy lady for months there are still some pieces missing from the collection that will appear over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for them.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, all good places as The Smallest Tribe these days.

I’m really excited about this new start, a new beginning.

Welcome to

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