Buenos Dias

GOOD MORNING, FRIEND! This little fella is really freaking happy. About everything. All the time. He’s either really good company if you need a little cheering up OR if you are the one that is always happy about everything all the time too.



handmade clutch bag



small cosmetic bag


lined makeup bag


The Faraway Tree audio book with/for the Tiny Humans of the household. It’s read by Kate Winslet and she is TOO delightful.


Jane The Virgin. I had no intention of actually watching it. I was just going to watch 5 minutes and then tell Netflix to stop suggesting it. It’s ridiculous yet addictive. It’s like Bold and the Beautiful crossed with Desperate Housewives. Not sure I could sit down and watch it for the sake of watching it, but it makes for delightful, non distracting ear fairy floss while I’m painting or cutting or sewing.


Plants on Pink, it’s exactly what it sounds like. And it’ll make you happy, I swear.


Say Hola. Bold. Bright.

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