The Smallest Tribe is on Kickstarter!

Today is the day! I can finally let you all in on what I’ve been working on for months!

When I started The Smallest Tribe, it was for two reasons: To create clothes that let kids be kids, and, to make a difference while doing it. For almost three years now, The Smallest Tribe has been releasing limited edition collections that let kids be kids, and explore & engage with their surroundings.
I have only ever used GOTS certified organic cotton, eco friendly, non toxic inks and teamed up with other local businesses as it’s grown and have helped heaps of kids get about in comfort and style, but I feel like there’s more to do to create meaningful and lasting change in the way our fashion is produced.

That’s why The Smallest Tribe is going into production, right here in Australia, just in time for summer. It will mean more kiddos will be able to get their bods into clothes from The Smallest Tribe. It will help provide jobs in a safe, clean environment with workers being paid fairly. And while I have extremely high standards for the quality of garments I have made, I am really looking forward to a level of consistency this step will provide for you that I just can’t manage working in such a small studio. For example, they can cut 20, 50, 200 shirts in one go compared to me cutting one at a time.

There will be tees and onesies featuring two new prints.  Introducing, Jelly Beaches in Mint and Summer Confetti in Sunshine.

jelly beaches onesie

jelly beaches tee

summer confetti onesie

summer confetti tee


I can’t do it alone. I’m going to need your help.

Until August 30, The Smallest Tribe is on Kickstarter!

If you’re new to Kickstarter, or if you’ve heard of it but are not quite sure how it works, here’s a quick run down. In their own words, “Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform where backers bring projects to life. Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen.” You get to be a part of putting The Smallest Tribe into production by pledging money for rewards, in this case, tees and onesies.

Basically, it’s Pre Orders on steroids!

You can check out the project here – it’s worth it just to watch the amazing video that Glenn from Threadless Films created just for this campaign! On this page you’ll be able to see all the different reward levels, place a pre order for the tees, onesies or limited edition messy bags and totes by pledging your support.

The tees and onesies will retail for $45 once they arrive in November, just in time for Summer, but if you are quick, there are limited quantities available for $40 for early backers to the Kickstarter campaign, my way of saying a big fat THANKS for your support.

Another benefit to throwing your support behind this Kickstarter campaign and making a pledge is all rewards will ship for free! So you’ll be one of the very first to get your hands on the new collection when it launches, just in time for Summer and the Christmas holidays, AND free shipping.

The Smallest Tribe is not just about clothes. It’s about making a difference. You can help make that difference. Click here to check out the project, choose a reward and join the Tribe as we work together to create positive change.

I look forward to sharing more about the project, the collection and the inspiration over the coming weeks.

The Smallest Tribe is on Kickstarter

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I heart Brisbane

You Brisbanians!  You’re amazing!  Last weekend at Finders Keepers was just delightful – even if getting home was a delayed flight, that then turned around half way home and a didn’t actually get me home til 6am.  ALL the yawns.

Those of you who were there around lunch time Saturday know that the crowds were intense and I salute anyone who braved the lines for food. (!!!)

It’s always nice to meet you guys in person and meet your cute kiddos, after all, they’re the ones that inspire everything that The Smallest Tribe is.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

It might be smaller than the other Finders Keepers markets, there were just as many amazingly talented designers and makers.  Some of my favs were the gorgeous planters from Vessel and Vine (try not touching them, I dare you!), I nabbed myself a necklace from the ever delightful Each to Own, some pyjamas from The Goodnight Society accidentally fell into my suitcase, and the ladies behind Mosov, Alli Keirnan, Kim Wallace Ceramics and Meow Girl were all a bunch of sweeties.

I’m really looking forward to heading back down in November, fingers crossed! xx

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Brisbane Finders Keepers

Brisbane’s Autumn/Winter Finders Keepers market is on this weekend, 10-4 both days.


You’ll be able to find me out on the verandah with some market specials, some one off Messy Bags and accepting all offerings of birthday cake on Sunday.

messy bags

Follow the love heart to find me!


Love yas. x

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How clothes can help your child learn.

As an early childhood teacher, I know how crucial those first five years are. Did you know, the fastest period of brain development happens from birth to age three, by age 5 the brain is 95% of its adult size and the brain has formed 1000 trillion connections between neurons by age three.

One of the best things we can do for our kids is encourage and allow them to explore, investigate and engage with their environment. That’s why The Smallest Tribe focuses on simple, easy to wear, fuss free, age appropriate clothing.

There are no sewn in tags to itch, scratch and irritate your little one.  The neck openings are wide enough to make dressing easy and comfortable but not so wide they are sloppy and ill fitting.  The long sleeves are cut just that tiny bit shorter so they keep your kiddo warm without hanging over their hands, getting grubby while they’re playing and wet and soggy when they’re washing their hands.  The pants have ribbed cuffs that make it easy for their feet to go in but help keep the cold out.  The ribbed cuffs also help keep the pants in place while they go about their busy day, crawling, learning to walk, riding their trikes, sliding down slides or climbing ladders and play equipment.


You are your child’s first teacher and most important one they’ll ever have.  Thankfully, they come wired and ready to learn and grow, all we have to do is sit back and let them be kids!

Find the tee here, find the trackies here.

Want to know more about your child’s brain development?  This article will take you no more that two minutes to read and is in simple to understand language.

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What the eff is wrong with people?

I’m reposting this from my Instagram because I think the topic it addresses is too important to let it fall the the bottom of a social media feed. x


This was a comment left on my previous post last night.  I’ve deleted the comment, not because I was embarrassed or upset by it, but because I want to address the sentiment and didn’t want a stream of people searching to see who said it.  It’s not about that one person, it’s about the collective belief that clothing should be cheap.

If I was pricing the jumper to be a permanent piece in the range, it’d be closer to $129, but because it’s a fun one off, I went with a lower price point.
The cotton used is organic cotton because I believe that the cotton farmers of the world – the vast majority being in India and China and who still pick the cotton by hand – deserve to work in safe, fair conditions.  I believe they deserve to go home to their kids CLEAN, not covered in toxic pesticides and chemicals.

They are hand printed here in my studio using water based, non toxic, eco friendly inks because I believe in using only what you need and not harming the environment to get it.  Traditional fashion manufacturing is one of the largest pollutants in the world and creates a a tremendous amount of waste.

All of the pieces for The Smallest Tribe are Australian made, whether that be by me or the factory down south.  The prices reflect that.  You are paying for garments that are made in ethical, safe, clean working conditions.  You are not paying for slave labour or CHILD labour.  Your child is not wearing clothes made by a child in another country.  The people who make the clothes for The Smallest Tribe are not working in buildings that will collapse or behind locked bars and doors with no escape when fire breaks out.

Like I said yesterday, people before profit.  I’m not doing what I do to be rich, I’m doing it because I want to help create lasting change.  I am so grateful for you guys, without you I couldn’t do any of it.

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