The Smallest Tribe Summer 16 Road Trip!

Welcome to The Smallest Tribe Summer 16 Road Trip! We’ve packed our bags and are hitting the road, travelling up and down the East Coast with The Smallest Tribe. We’ll be at 3 major events over the course of 5 weeks and hopefully a even a few little gatherings along the way. We’re headed to Brisbane Finders Keepers, Sydney Big Design Market and Melbourne Big Design Market. You can find all the details for each market HERE.

I’d love to bring each and every one of you along for the ride, but I’m not sure there’s a bus big enough to fit us all in. So we’ll just catch up at the Pit Stops instead. Pit Stops are your chance to join the fun! There’s prizes, coupon codes, clues for treasure hunts, giveaways, special gifts with purchases, buy two get one free… basically ALL THE THINGS.

Some Pit Stops you’ll need to claim in person at the three major events The Smallest Tribe and I’ll be at, but some will be online only for those of you who can’t make it to any of the events. They’re all time sensitive and they’re all limited in quantity.

Make sure you’re following The Smallest Tribe on Instagram and Facebook as this is where the Pit Stops will be announced.

See you on the road, and remember, keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel!

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PROCESS – How the messy bags are made

The messy bags have actually been around for longer than The Smallest Tribe. Making these little water proof bags was born of necessity and grew into over 1000 of them being sold in another little corner of the web under another name and they’ve been sent all over the world – the UK, Germany, France, Canada, USA, the Bahamas, Spain, you name it, there’s probably one there.

The messy bags in their current format here at The Smallest Tribe came about as a way of using up left over ink after the screen printing process. I had dozens of pots of colours I loved, but none of them contained enough to flood a screen for printing and it just seemed so wasteful to wash the ink down the drain, no matter how non toxic and eco friendly it was.

So I started painting canvas with the remains and I discovered two things; first, it was a tonne of fun using the ink in a much more free form way with tools that don’t usually get involved with printing – brushes, spatulas, masking tape; and second, ink that would usually be too old or dry or lumpy to use for printing worked wonderfully with a brush or a bit of working up first.

One of the biggest guiding forces behind The Smallest Tribe is the question, “Is this treading lightly on the earth; does this minimise waste; is this USEFUL?” Not only are the Messy Bags delightful little pieces of art and joy to use in your every day lives, they do all of this too. They minimise waste, tread lightly and encourage the use of more eco friendly, reusable products.

Here is a quick video showing you a little snippet behind the scenes of how they’re created. Enjoy!

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The Mini Collections for Winter 2016

The Smallest Tribe has always been about producing the best quality, comfiest, sustainable, organic cotton threads possible for your tiny, growing kiddos. That’s a lot of adjectives for one little piece of clothing!

I also try to make sure that The Smallest Tribe treads lightly and creates as little waste as possible, which is why I’ve been stockpiling all the little offcuts, remnants and scraps from previous collections, waiting until I had enough to pool them together to create some limited edition, one off pieces. And the time has finally arrived! The first mini collection will is set to be released tonight, May 12th, a collection of little raglan jumpers in Size 1. These mini collections will be released periodically over the next six weeks or so, only ever 4 or 5 pieces at a time, and in all sizes.

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Colour sorting activities for your toddler

It’s getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. I’ve found your kiddo 3 quick and fun activities to help keep your kiddo occupied when they’re cooped up indoors on those wet, rainy, windy, cold days that are ahead.

These three all focus on colour and sorting. It’s never too early for your little one to start learning and not only are you their Mum, you also have the very important role of being your child’s first teacher.

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How to use a size chart

Size charts are what brands use when they create the patterns that are eventually turned into their apparel. For the most part, us brands try and use the same sizing and attempt to maintain consistency across seasons so you can feel more confident in your choices, especially when shopping online. (We don’t always succeed, but we try!)
The most important thing to know is that the sizing on the size chart reflects the size of the kiddo the garment is meant to fit, not the size of the garment itself.

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