Want Need Wear Read #5

want need wear read The Smallest Tribe-04

  1. Read – Pig the Pug. Yet another delightful rhyming story about a greedy little pug called Pig.
  2. Need – Om dinner plate. A bright and happy plate to help make mealtimes fun. Made from BPA free melamine so they’re safe for little kiddos to be eating from.
  3. Want – Twig and Co toy camera. Role play and imaginative play are great ways to help stimulate little brains in the vital early years and encourage brain development. I’m a fan of these cameras for their bright, happy colours and their gorgeous, smooth wooden texture.
  4. Wear – Grape Summer Shorts. Encouraging even the smallest of kids to be independent and capable is a great boost to their confidence and self esteem, two key elements in being successful when they arrive at school.  I designed these shorts to have a nice wide leg opening both for freedom of movement when they’re playing, but also for ease of independent dressing, and a comfy elastic waistband. It also makes these shorts ideal for those little ones who are toilet training.
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Want Need Wear Read #4

want need wear read The Smallest Tribe-01

1. Wear – Charcoal Jelly Beaches tee. Lightweight, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, insanely soft and comfy, The Smallest Tribe tees are perfect for all kiddos, no matter what they’re up to. Cut slightly looser for a cooler, summery fit and a neckline that’s cut a little bigger to make dressing easy for all involved.

2. Read – The Very Cranky Bear. Yet another book with delightful rhythm and rhyme. Books with rhyme are not only fun to read, they instil reading confidence in even the littlest kiddo.

3. Need – Red Deer Snack Box. Because little kids get hangry, nuff said.

4. Want – Inflatable Chocolate Donut. One for the bigger kiddos in the family, perfect for an Aussie Christmas by the pool.

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Want Need Wear Read #3

want need wear read The Smallest Tribe-031. Need – Native Shoes. These are an absolute must for our wet, sloshy rainy Summers up here in the tropics. They clean up brand new after an episode of splashing in muddy puddles, are super light and comfy for kiddos to wear (especially great for those who need some convincing to put and keep shoes on), and because they slip on and off little ones can start to gain a sense of independence and self reliance when dressing or getting ready to leave the house.

2. Read – The Day the Crayons Quit. A lovely story that has a positive message for the kiddos listening and the grown ups reading. This story is a fav because it works on so many levels for so many ages groups. I truly believe in reading purely for enjoyment, and this book certainly caters for just that, but also has potential for conversations about fitting in, standing out, speaking up for yourself and communicating your feelings to others.

3. Wear – Lemon Summer Shorts. Bright & happy and with a nice short leg length, these are a great pair of shorts for wearing to the beach, the park, learning to walk, riding a trike, scooter or bike, or even just hanging out eating ice cream.

4. Want – Sonny Angel doll. Dolls are a great way for kids to engage in imaginative play. I’m a fan of these ones because they’re little and portable. And cute. They’re really stinking cute!

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Want Need Wear Read #2

want need wear read The Smallest Tribe-02

  1. Read – Thelma the Unicorn. A truly delightful story about how special it is to just be yourself. With gorgeous illustrations and a sing-song rhythm, this story is fun for all kiddos and the grown ups who read it to them.
  2. Want – Rock and Pebble Colour Pebbles. Learning to manipulate small objects with their fingers is a great way to help develop fine motor strength in little hands. This strength and flexibility is what will eventually help little hands learn how to write.
  3. Need – Strawberry Ice Cream Night Light. I just love it when form and function are both delightful!
  4. Wear – Grey Marle Jelly Beaches tee. Soft and light 100% GOTS organic cotton in grey marle – perfect for hiding stains and general kid filth! – printed with friendly, non-stingy jelly fish in an ice cream worthy mint green. Tees fromThe Smallest Tribe are designed with your kiddo and their maximum comfort in mind. No scratchy tags anywhere, a neck that’s just a touch wider to make independent dressing easier (or just more comfy for those kiddos blessed with a bigger noggin), and a roomy fit to let your kiddo explore, learn and play their way through the day.
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Want Need Wear Read #1

How to make Christmas shopping for your kiddos easy!

Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.


  1. Wear – The Smallest Tribe unisex summer shorts in sky. With a short leg length to let little legs roam free, elastic waist for ease of dressing and a bright, happy, bold summery print, these shorts are the perfect pair all season long.
  2. Need – Miffy Money Box. The former early childhood teacher in me loves money boxes for two reasons. One, they are the perfect way to start teaching financial responsibility from a young age, and two, when the earning of money is tied to chores or jobs it helps foster a sense of pride, develops self esteem and encourages your little one’s growing independence.
  3. Read – The Very Hungry Bum. Like the caterpillar. But not. Seriously funny for kiddos and grown ups alike.
  4. Want – Beehives. Perfect for all the little TLS (Tiny Little Stuff) lovers out there. These are amazing on so many levels. They’re great for helping to develop fine motor skills when kiddos use the tweezers to pick up the bees and plop them into their hive or back out again.  Developing strong fine motor skills is vital for kids to be able to build up the strength they need in their hands, as well as the dexterity and flexibility that is necessary for learning how to write. They can be used for colour matching, sorting and classifying, all vital early mathematics skills.
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