Drawing and scribbling

Drawing scribbling and mark making are an early and important step in a child’s writing development. It helps develop strength in tiny little hands and engages muscles important for developing fine motor skills. It allows them to communicate ideas and to practice seeing themselves as writers.

Give your child opportunities to experience drawing and scribbling with different utensils and on different surfaces. This allows them to feel the different amounts of force and control needed. A piece of chunky chalk on concrete will feel different to drawing on a white board.

Letting your little one experience mark making horizontally at a table and vertically at an easel is an important strength building exercise. Mark making at these two different levels will require different strength and muscles to be used. There are lots of different easels available and most have some combination of chalk board and white board as well as a cupholders for painting. Let your little love scribble and draw using as many of these surfaces and options as possible.

A word of caution; I speak from experience when I say there will be a time in your tiny one’s life where setting up a lovely art station somewhere in their room or the house will be appropriate. There will also be a time when every single writing utensil will need to be placed high out of reach from your budding artist. If they are still to young to differentiate between “White board Ok, walls not ok”, please learn from my mistake and lock that stuff away. We still have the ‘artworks’ on our hallway and bedroom wall. Oh, and the ‘race track’ in the brick work in the lounge room…

Some writing utensils to add to your supplies:



Crayola’s sidewalk chalk has a nice texture and bright colours

magna doodle

great for experimenting with different mark making using either the stylus or the magnets to make thin and thick marks.


Micador’s Early Start Softies are made from beeswax and feature a tri grip which helps older kiddos develop a correct pencil grip. (It’s important not to force this pencil grip too early, they need to move through the stages and different types of grips and develop strength in their arms.)


Micador’s Early Start Jumbo pencils are smooth to write with and a chunky size

felt tip pens

Micador’s Colour Fun markers are great, they last well, have lovely colours and have a nice sturdy tip that little hands can’t squash

Aquadoodle drawing mat

mess free drawing and scribbling! Fill the pen with water and the designs drawn on the mat fade as they dry. I loved using this mat with my tiny kiddos for how easy it was to use and pack away.

grasp crayons

A fisted or closed hand grasp is the first way you’ll notice your little one drawing and scribbling. They hold the pencil or crayon in a closed fist and move their entire arm to make marks. At this early stage, Faber Castell’s Grasp crayons are ideal.

Like everything else your little love learns to do in their crucial early years, pencil grips evolve and develop. It’s important to let them experiment in each stage and not rush them. They’ll get there in their own time, they always do! <3 

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