Welcome to Monday Mornings. Each week there’s a new featured canvas to meet and learn more about. Check out the original artwork, the Messy Bags that came from it and get a little insight into its personality via the Listening, Watching, Scrolling section. 


This week’s featured canvas is Groundbreaking.

I come back to this style once or twice a year. It’s deliberately accidentally floral. Kinda floral but also not. Has hints of flowers without being flowers.

They’re always fun to paint and always feature a lot of colour. The more clashing the better.


The bags from this canvas will be available in the next Messy Bag release on Wednesday 23rd of September.






WATCHING: On Becoming a God in Central Florida. Kirsten Dunst as a Florida water park employee in the 80s trying to make money in an MLM (multi level marketing) that isn’t called Amway but might as well be. Kirsten Dunst. Florida in the 80s. Scams. How many more boxes do you want to tick?!

LISTENING TO: The Dream. A podcast investigating MLMs. Did not at all expect it to be as engaging and entertaining as it was!

SCROLLING: Helle Mardahl. The shapes, the colours. Dreamy.