In The Weeds

Welcome to Monday Mornings. Each week there’s a new featured canvas to meet and learn more about. Check out the original artwork, the Messy Bags that came from it and get a little insight into its personality via the Listening, Watching, Scrolling section. 


This week’s featured canvas is In The Weeds.

I accidentally became obsessed with trying to understand how O.J. Simpson was never punished for murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. There were so many events and people that added up to O.J. murdered them and he got away with it. A lot of it (most of it?) had nothing to do with the victims at all.

How is this canvas related?

It’s not really. But sometimes what is happening in my head and what I am painting get linked for the rest of time. This is one of those canvases. Every time I look at it I think of Nicole Brown Simpson, Marcia Clark, O.J.’s lawyers. I was listening to a book about the murders and trial as I painted. There are big chunks of repetitive shapes, colour and line. I’d find empty spaces and make the same mark repeatedly, too engrossed in the details of what I was hearing to want to step back and reflect.

I went back and forth on whether to share what was actually happening with this canvas or just make up some story. Something to make it less, well, less about terrible murders. But it is what it is.

The bags from this canvas will be available in the next Messy Bag release happening Wednesday 23rd of September.





WATCHING: The People vs O.J. Simpson.

LISTENING TO: The Run of His Life by Jeffery Toobin.

SCROLLING: Colourful Home Vibe. I have been having some really strong feelings about wanting a pink wall in our house of late. Specifically, a pink breeze block wall. Until I can make that happen I’ll just keep scrolling their feed and daydreaming about walls like this one from @too_many_cushions.




See ya next week.