Inside Chaos

Welcome to Monday Mornings. Each week there’s a new featured canvas to meet and learn more about. Check out the original artwork, the Messy Bags that came from it and get a little insight into its personality via the Listening, Watching, Scrolling section. 


This week’s featured canvas is Inside Chaos.

It feels like a somewhat accurate depiction of the insides of my brain. Some parts don’t make sense. There’s lots of clashing. Everything is screaming for attention and telling you it’s the most important and needs your attention. I have a lot of trouble prioritising and ordering tasks. Very easily distracted. There’s always a lot going on.


There’s no bags to show you yet because this one’s a brand spanker. It was cut up last week and is almost done being turned into bags. I don’t have a firm date for the next release of Messy Bags but it’ll be in the next few weeks. You can sign up here for email notification when they go live or keep an eye out on Instagram for all the details.




WATCHING: Dirty John Season 2, Betty Broderick. Yikes. Don’t know what else to say.

LISTENING TO: 99% Invisible. A palette cleanser for the brain. 99% Invisible is a podcast discussing the invisible design elements that make up our every day. Like, how did Skid Row come to be? Why are Black and Gold labelled products a thing? The mundane made fascinating.

SCROLLING: Iris Scott. She finger paints with oil paints. FINGER PAINTS!




See ya next week.


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