The One That Got Away

Each canvas that is created for a collection of Messy Bags has it’s own personality and no two are the same.

Sometimes they’re influenced by the weather. Wet, rainy, humid days means the ink takes longer to try and it can dictate what tools or techniques are used.

I rarely paint in silence. I always have podcasts playing or Netflix chattering away in the corner. Sometimes the colours I use are influenced by the imagery on the screen – House of Cards always ends up with deep, dark, moody canvases. Sometimes I’ll deliberately create a canvas that takes hours and days of slow sitting and pondering, anything to stretch out whatever podcast series I’m engrossed in.

I love finding new Instagram accounts to follow, ones that have visually intriguing content. I save tonnes of images to come back to for inspiration. Maybe it’s a set of stairs that is throwing shadows and the lines are appealing. Maybe it’s a colour palette that I think will work for a canvas (the ink can be finicky and there are colours that don’t play nice together, even though you think they should). Maybe it’s the way the image draws your eye in a certain direction, or the sparse or dense feel it has.


Each bag has its own personality, a splinter of the canvas it came from. They are practical, useful, utilitarian, but they’re also tiny little pieces of art in their own right. It’s about time you got to know a little bit more about each collection, got to learn a bit more about their personality too. Each collection that is released will have bio about the canvas published along with it, so, without further ado, let me introduce this week’s collection, The One That Got Away.

Inkling Messy Bag Large

large Messy Bag by Inkling

small hand painted clutch Australian made

small clutch bag

small make up bag



You Must Remember This – The Manson Family

Karina’s voice is oddly soothing while discussing some really disturbing events.


Las Vegas Jailhouse

I have an affliction for terrible reality TV. It’s best we establish that early on. It’ll be a reoccurring theme.


Inkling Messy Bag Inspiration

Bluuespace on Instagram


Nothing. Maybe next week year?


The One That Got Away, she has the potential to be that bad mood you can’t shake, but she’s actually the solution. She’s the reminder to not sweat the small stuff and make like Elsa and let that shit go. You can find her and her friends HERE.

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