Large Messy Bags

Large Original Messy Bags make great toiletry bags or cosmetic bags while travelling. The waterproof lining keeps leaky shampoo bottles and squirty toothpaste safely away from your clothes, and, with just a quick wipe down your Messy Bag will be ready for the return journey home.

They can be used to keep chargers, cords and devices together and safe for the workplace to home journey.

The large size is super handy for teens at highschool to keep everything they need for their day. Pens, pencils, highlighters, calculators, rulers, ear buds or headphones are a happy little family in a large Messy Bag.

Large Messy Bags also perfect for new mums to keep nappies, wipes and a change of clothes all in one easy-to-grab bag. The bright colours makes them quick to locate (calling all sleep deprived mothers!), and their ability to be thrown in the washing machine with the next load makes for speedy clean up when needed too.

Their uses are limitless!