Hide and Seek – Small


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Printed cotton canvas.

Robust with a silky feel, they’re not as rigid as the Original hand painted Messy Bags.

The Imprints have a light weight but sturdy YKK white coil zipper.

Made in house in our studio.

SIZE: 26 cm wide x 16cm high x 3.5cm flat base.


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Meet the Messy Bags. Cheerfully bright and unmistakably happy, they are designed to be useful, practical pieces of joy. Machine washable and lined with BPA free vinyl, they’re designed to keep the mess in or keep the mess out, depending on your need. Keep your keys, wallet, phone and sunnies safe and easily located in your handbag, or use them to carry home dirty bibs, clothes and washers after a breakfast out with toddlers.  Their uses are endless!

The Inkling Imprint Messy Bags, like their Original Messy Bag sisters, are sustainable and earth friendly. The hospital grade BPA free vinyl lining is good for 1000+ industrial setting washes. (There are Messy Bags from 10 years ago who are still going strong!)

Hide and Seek is a reproduction of an Inkling original artwork. You can see the original artwork here.

Please allow for variation of print placement. The size of the artwork was arranged so that, in true Inkling spirit, each bag is still one of a kind. Your Hide and Seek Messy Bag will have similar colours, shapes and lines but will vary slightly from each image. This is part of their charm, or what I like to call a lucky dip for grown ups. This is especially apparent with this particular print. It’s repeat (the size of the pattern that creates a seamless, repetitive print) is HUGE. Your bag will have similar colours, shapes and elements but it will almost certainly not look like any of the bags pictured here. If this is not your cup of tea, you might prefer one of the original Messy Bags where you can see the front and back of each bag before you purchase. Alternatively the other Inkling Imprints have a more predictable pattern.

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