Original Tote – 18


Hand painted and one of a kind, each Inkling Original Tote is made from heavy duty canvas. The 4 cm shoulder straps help distribute the weight of the bags’ contents and stops them digging into your shoulders. They feature an ample 12 cm base which allows the tote to sit flat on a hard surface to make it easy to pack and easy to search.

The Original Totes measure 47.5cm wide, 34cm high and 64 cm tall from the bottom of the bag to the top of the straps.

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  • Origin Story

Nothing goes to waste at Inkling! While working during the year, I keep a separate roll of canvas to collect every last drop of ink that can be saved. Before brushes, tubs, spatulas and squeegees are cleaned, they’re emptied, wiped and squeezed out onto this roll. 


There isn’t space to wind out meters of this canvas at a time and everything has to go where there’s space right then and there, not necessarily where it best fits. This forced placement of colours and shapes creates a canvas full of colour combinations that are surprising and delightful. 


Sometimes I’ll use this roll to check brush strokes, lines and shapes or colours combinations before I commit to using them on the artwork in progress, but mostly what ends up on it is accidental and unplanned.


It’s taken all year to fill and now has been used to create the original, one of a kind totes. They are a running record of the colours and moods of Inkling of the past year in a usable form. 


It delights me that the work I do all by myself with no one around gets used by other people in their day to day life. I love that these totes are seen by strangers who know nothing about me or Inkling, they just know they like the green and orange on that lady’s bag as she walks by. What a satisfyingly secretive way to send a little bit of joy and happiness out into the world!

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