Tiny Pouch March Collection


Meet the tiniest, cutest and newest member of the Inkling family: the Tiny Pouch. Like their siblings the Messy Bags they are one of a kind, hand painted and machine washable. They are not lined like their big sisters. They only like carrying unmessy things like spare change, earrings, public transport cards and are huge fans of screaming for attention while simultaneously managing to hide your tampons from everyone. They like the hiding in plain sight element. Makes them feel a tad smug to be honest.


Measures: 15.5cm wide x 9.5cm high – give or take. They’re often made from offcuts and some can be a tad taller or shorter. It’s part of their handmade, one of a kind charm.


Additional information

March tiny pouches

Awkward Orchid 1, Awkward Orchid 2, Awkward Orchid 3, Awkward Orchid 4, Bleached 1, Bleached 2, Furtive, Routes 1, Routes 2, Routes 3, Sirens 1, Sirens 2, The One I Forgot 1, The One I Forgot 2, The One I Forgot 3, The Rains 1, The Rains 2, The Rains 3, The Rains 4

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