Too Much – Large Imprint


The Inkling Imprints are digitally printed on cotton canvas.

They are lined with BPA free waterproof lining.

Robust with a silky feel, they’re not as rigid as the Original hand painted Messy Bags.

The Imprints have a light weight but sturdy YKK white coil zipper.

They are made in house in our Gordonvale studio.

SIZE: Large, 36 cm wide x 26cm high x 8cm flat base.

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Inkling Imprints want nothing more than to carry your things and help organise your life. Their BPA free waterproof vinyl lining and ability to go in the washing machine makes them perfect for wrangling the messier parts of life. They don’t have to keep the mess in though, they’re also really great at keeping the mess out (think: protecting things from sand at the beach).

Use them to keep your wallet, sunnies, phone, lip balm and keys together and easy to find in your hand bag, backpack, gym bag, nappy bag. You can even use one to keep all those things together as you switch between bags depending on your needs for the day.

Their waterproof lining makes them ideal for making life easier for new mums. Use a large one to keep wipes, nappies, a change mat and spare clothes together in an easy-to-grab-one-handed spot.

The large size makes a great toiletry bag for travelling (*cries in 2020/2021*) and the small size is a great way to keep make up together.

Their uses truly are endless and they’ve also been known to: carry wet washers for little kid clean up duties; hold epipens for easy access; contain leaky sunscreen bottles in backpacks; keep fresh masks and hand sanitiser on hand; create and hold a mini first aid kit in the car; store cords and headphones for devices; be used as a pencil case for school; keep watercolour supplies together while out and about; even as way to hold your Keep Cup when you’ve finished your coffee, either while it’s dirty on the way home, or to have one always with you while out.

PRINT: Too Much is a reproduction of an Inkling original artwork of the same name. The print has been scaled down and recoloured.

Please allow for variation of print placement. The size of the artwork was arranged so that, in true Inkling spirit, each bag is still one of a kind. Your Too Much Imprint Messy Bag will have similar colours, shapes and lines but will vary from each image. This is part of their charm, or what I like to call a lucky dip for grown ups. Your bag will have similar colours, shapes and elements but it will almost certainly not look like any of the bags pictured here. If this is not your cup of tea, you might prefer one of the original Messy Bags where you can see the front and back of each bag before you purchase. Alternatively the Backyard Jungle, Bleached, Nonsense, or Picnic Inkling Imprints have a more predictable pattern.

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