Want Need Wear Read #3

want need wear read The Smallest Tribe-031. Need – Native Shoes. These are an absolute must for our wet, sloshy rainy Summers up here in the tropics. They clean up brand new after an episode of splashing in muddy puddles, are super light and comfy for kiddos to wear (especially great for those who need some convincing to put and keep shoes on), and because they slip on and off little ones can start to gain a sense of independence and self reliance when dressing or getting ready to leave the house.

2. Read – The Day the Crayons Quit. A lovely story that has a positive message for the kiddos listening and the grown ups reading. This story is a fav because it works on so many levels for so many ages groups. I truly believe in reading purely for enjoyment, and this book certainly caters for just that, but also has potential for conversations about fitting in, standing out, speaking up for yourself and communicating your feelings to others.

3. Wear – Lemon Summer Shorts. Bright & happy and with a nice short leg length, these are a great pair of shorts for wearing to the beach, the park, learning to walk, riding a trike, scooter or bike, or even just hanging out eating ice cream.

4. Want – Sonny Angel doll. Dolls are a great way for kids to engage in imaginative play. I’m a fan of these ones because they’re little and portable. And cute. They’re really stinking cute!

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