Giant Tote #3


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The limited edition Giant Totes! Because sometimes life do be like that. We’re taking the giant bowl of lemons I was handed in the form of 30+ metres of misprinted fabric, and turning them into lemonade (or drinking them with tequila if your day has been as crap as mine was the day this faulty fabric showed up!). After months of trying to resolve the issue, I flipped the misprinted fabric over, painted on the back of it, and turned them into the dumbest but funnest thing I could. The Giant Totes have been left unlined so we can share the inside joke that was their creation every time you use it.

Almost twice the size of the Everyday Totes, these Giant Totes really live up to their name. I can not stress just how large they are (pictures just don’t convey it!) and how important it is to grab a tape measure or a ruler and at least look at it to see just how big they are.

Each one is one of a kind, machine washable.

But don’t just take my word for how great they are:

“I have one of these! Ain’t nuffin that won’t fit in there! So good for the toddler. I just keep adding stuff in the bag. So many things to pack!” -Angela A.

“I use my giant tote constantly! It’s my fav!” -Issy

The Giant Totes are 72.5 cm wide. The body of the tote is 44 cm high, 70 cm when including the straps. The Giant Totes have a wide, flat bottom of 15 cm.


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